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August 2017 Graduates: Account Closing Dates


If you are graduating in August 2017, your access to Wharton and Penn Online Services will end:

Shortly Following Graduation 2017

Dates for individual service termination vary; for more information, contact each service directly.

  • Access to Wharton's Research Data Services (WRDS)
  • University of Pennsylvania-Licensed Software Services, including:
    • Library database access -- Please see the Penn Libraries Alumni Services guide for information about resources available to alumni. 
    • Virtual Meeting (BlueJeans) Video Conferencing
    • Study.Net (access ends 90 days after course ends)
  • Wharton's Virtual Lab
  • PennO365 (60-day grace period following graduation)


On May 31, 2018 (extended from the original November 2017 date)

  • Wharton Student E-Mail Account, and use of username@wharton.upenn.edu (mail to this address will bounce)
  • Campus Groups
  • LastPass Premium (password manager) will downgrade to the free version once your Wharton E-mail account closes


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