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Configuring Google Drive for Wharton Public Computers


This article provides information for configuring Google Drives on Wharton's public computers. Kumo is a service that will allow you to map your Google Drive (whether Wharton or personal) for use on the Wharton computers. *Important note: If you are currently using MyWhartonDrive for data storage, please move your file to your Google Drive by the end of the semester.

Mapping your Google drive will allow you to have more access when using the Wharton Workstations and allows you to carry all of your data (downloads, documents, etc.) in one safe space.

Note: If you chose not to map a Google drive you will have reduced functionality on these Computers and will only be able to save your work to an external storage device.



Configuring your Google Drive on Public Computers

      1. Log on to any Wharton public computer. You will see the following prompt. Click Setup

        Note: If you click "Not Now" The prompt will disappear and you will be prompted again the next time you log in. If you click "Don't Ask Me Again" you will never be shown the prompt again and would have to visit http://kumo.wharton.upenn.edu to map your drive. If you chose either of these options you will not be able to map your drive in your current session and will need a flash drive to store your work. 

      2. You will be directed to the Kumo portal. Click Login


      3. Log in using your Wharton account credentials


        Note: Your Wharton username is the same as your Pennkey username. Your Wharton password is the same as your Wharton email password.

      4. Select the "Google Drive Wharton" option


      5. Click Authorize


      6. You will be directed to log into your Google Account
      7. Click Allow


      8. After providing the correct credentials, you will see a green check confirming that you have authorized your Google Drive.


        Note: If you are following these from a public computer, you will need to log off of the computer before your Google Drive is mapped properly. 

      9. Log on to a Wharton Public computer. You will the following prompt confirming the connection to your Google Drive from that workstation



Deauthorizing your Wharton Drive


      1. Log onto the Kumo Portal like you did to authorize. Click the storage option you wish to deauthorize
      2. You will see a Deauthorize Button show up... Click it.Capture9.PNG



Using your newly mapped drive

              1. Log onto any Wharton Computer
              2. Go to File Explorer-->This PC and check to see if your Google Drive is mapped
              3. Click on the Google Drive
              4. You will see a folder called WhartonData
              5. Inside Wharton Data you will see many different folders:
              6. Use the Computer as you normally would and your data will be saved to these folders automatically. When your data is syncing you will see any update in the bottom right of your screen like this:


MyWhartonDrive Retirement Schedule:

  • August 17- MyGoogleDrive goes into production, all incoming students begin using new service. Returning student are also able to map to Google Drive via Kumo.
  • TBD - MyWhartonDrive will be switched to ReadOnly status during Fall break. Existing data can still be moved.
  • TBD - MyWhartonDrive is officially retired. Access will not longer be available. No data will be lost, contact support@wharton.upenn.edu for assistance

Please check this site for further updates. 

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