JMP Access and Troubleshooting Guide


Acquiring JMP

The JMP software is available for use by full time Wharton students, or any student taking a Wharton class. To use the software from an off campus location, we recommend using the Wharton Virtual Lab. If you would prefer to purchase JMP for your own machine, you can do so through OnTheHub (for a multi-year license) or the Computer Connection (for a discounted, single-year license).

To access the software, log onto any Wharton public computer and choose Departmental Applications => Statistics. (Students taking a Wharton Class will need to have a Wharton Class Account.) PhD Statistics students should contact the Statistics Department for more information.




There are a number of things to check in determining the source of the trouble. First, is this happening with any other applications on your computer or is it just with JMP?

If it's just with JMP, then please try using the troubleshooting guide on their website at:

JMP Support

JMP Knowledge Base

If this doesn't resolve the issue, you may need to either contact your computer's manufacturer, or e-Academy (submit a ticket at If you don't receive a response within 2 business days you can contact the Computing Support person in the Statistics Department for help escalating your issue.)

If it turns out that the issue is not just with JMP but also shows up with other applications on your computer, you can write us back or make an appointment to bring your computer in for one of our consultants to look at.

Questions on how to use JMP should be directed to your TA.  Download instructions are included in your Class syllabus.


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