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Canvas Apps for Mobile Devices


Apps & Guides

Canvas by Instructure for iOS (Download)

Canvas by Instructure for Android (Download)

Mobile Guides for iOS and Android: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-4048

Logging In

When you first log into Penn Canvas on any of these apps:

  1. In the Find your School or District field, type canvas.upenn.edu, and press the right arrow to continue.
  2. Log in using your PennKey

After a successful Penn WebLogin, you’ll be prompted that Canvas is requesting access to your account.  Be sure to check  Remember my authorization for this service.  Now the app will remember your login.

JD/MBA students and others taking courses on multiple Canvas sites may want to take advantage of multi-user login capability. Doing this will give you a “Profile” for each different Canvas platform you use.  Here are instructions for multi-user logins


The mobile apps provide quick access to most parts of a Canvas course site or group sub-site, including viewing and downloading of Files as well as view-only access (no saving or downloading) for reading Study.Net Materials.  They contain much of the same functionality as the full browser version of Canvas.

Should you discover that a feature is not yet available in the mobile version (for example, group sign-ups), simply switch to Canvas in a mobile browser on your device. We like Chrome for this purpose. You might also choose to subscribe to your Calendar Feed with your preferred mobile calendar app.


When using the Study.Net Materials tab of a Canvas site in a mobile browser, documents will open in a new browser tab and can be sent to other applications using your browser’s “Open in...” link.

Many students have found this advice helpful for downloading course materials from Canvas and Study.Net for later reading on an iPad.

Note: Study.Net offers its own apps in the iTunes Store, Mac App Store and Google Play.  These apps provide highlighting, annotation and print features, but they don’t work with your PennKey or interoperate with Canvas at this time. Visit www.study.net for more information on these apps.  To set or reset a password for Study.Net apps if you don’t have one, use the “forgot your password?” link in that site’s Log In box.

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