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AirPennNet-Guest (Not recommended for Students)


The AirPennNet-Guest service is a limited-use network for visitors or those with devices not capable of supporting the 802.1x protocol (including some PDA devices and older laptops).  Users must register themselves on this network (and re-register every Monday); however, it does not require any configuration because it is an open network with limited bandwidth and no encryption. 

The AirPennNet-Guest service is NOT recommended for students who want to connect to the wireless network because it is not designed to meet the connectivity and security needs of most students. Most areas on campus have limited number of IP addresses available for AirPennNet-Guest and you may be unable to connect during busy times.

For more information on this service please see http://www.upenn.edu/computing/wireless/airpennnet/apn_guest.html

AirPennNet-Guest in the Lippincott Library

Students should be connecting to the secure AirPennNet rather than AirPennNet-Guest. There are only a small number of IP addresses in Lippincott for AirPennNet-Guest.  They can be used up very quickly during busy times. For information on connecting to the secure AirPennNet, see Penn's Wireless Network

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