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Connect Laptop to a Group Study Room (GSR) Monitor

This section applies to Philadelphia CampusEMBA(San Francisco) students should contact the EMBA Program Office for GSR information.

If you want to display your laptop screen on the group study room monitors, follow these steps:


  1. Take the VGA cable out of the center of the group study room table.

  2. Attach the VGA cable to your laptop. Mac laptops will need a VGA adapter (PCs do not need an adapter, simply plug it in to your laptop)

  3. Open the cabinet and change Output 2 to Switch 2 (it’s usually on 1 for the GSR computer)

  4. When you are finished:  
    • Switch the Output back to the original position
    • Put VGA cable away

Usage Tips

  • MACs: For optimal display results, Mac users might need to change their display by going to System preferences >> Display. Select the 1280 x 960, 60 Hz option. If you want the monitors to mirror your desktop select System preferences >> Display >>Arrangement>>Mirror displays.
  • PCs: PCs shouldn’t have to change any options for optimal display. Sometimes you will have to hit a button to switch to VGA display. For most PC’s, you usually press Function + F8 to switch.
  • Only one laptop can be used for this feature; it is not possible to connect one of the screens to one laptop, and one to another laptop.
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