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Print Accounts: General Information


Full-time Wharton students

All full-time Wharton MBA and Undergraduate students have printing accounts with an initial credit balance.  (First year MBA students' account is credited for Fall Semester at the beginning of PreTerm.) Once this initial balance has been depleted, students' PennCash account will be automatically charged. Unused credit rolls over to the next semester;and each semester the initial credit is replenished. This credit is not transferable or refundable.

Graduating Students: Print Account Refunds

PhD students should contact their Department IT Representative for information on printing.

Penn Students Enrolled in Wharton Classes 

Students taking a Wharton class are given a print account which draws funds automatically from their PennCash account.

Viewing Your Print Account Balance

View your printing account balance by logging into SPIKE and clicking on the My Account tab, OR Swipe your Penn card at one of the printers. On the "Select A Document" screen you can:

  • View your print account balance and
  • Check your account's details; including balance and previous print jobs.

Adding Funds to a Print Account

To add funds to your PennCash account, visit the PennCash website.

More information on Printing at Wharton: Options, Locations and Cost

Print Account Refunds

Your print balance will carry over from semester to semester.  Once you graduate, any funds that you added through Penn Cash will be refunded to you via the bursar's office.

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