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Virtual Lab (for Mobile Devices)


Wharton provides remote access to the public computers for students.  Log into our lab computers using your mobile device to access all of the software available on lab machines including the full Windows version of Microsoft Office and course specific applications such as JMP and Matlab. The Virtual Lab can be accessed on a variety of mobile devices, including iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. For a complete list of devices and downloads, please refer to the VMware site.


Using a laptop?  See our directions for laptops.

Installing on iOS and Android

  1. To install, search VMWare Horizon Client In the iOS App Store or Google Play and tap install. The app is free.
  2. Type https://vlab.wharton.upenn.edu in the Server Address and tap Add Server/Connect.
  3. Enter your PennKey and password.  Doublecheck that the Domain is set to UPENN.
  4. Tap Virtual Lab to connect.


  • In iOS, helpful functions are available in the translucent circle. They pop out when you click. For Android, these functions are always along the top


  • Mobile device gestures do not translate exactly to the Virtual Lab environment. Basic tapping gestures are always available in the Help menu.

  • For more precise mouse pointing, use the trackpad feature. This allows you to move your finger as if you are using a trackpad to control the mouse pointer, resulting in fewer accidental clicks. Clicking gestures are the same in trackpad mode.
  • Don't forget that you can print! If you need to print a document, you can log into the Virtual Lab and send it to the queue, saving you the need to find an open computer 
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