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Quizzes and Surveys


How to tell if a quiz or survey was submitted

Depending on the nature of the quiz or survey assignment, your instructor or TA may choose options which avoid revealing any submitted answers or earned scores after a submission. Thus, the on-screen confirmation of your submission may seem subtle or hard to find.  DO NOT use "Take the Quiz" or "Resume Quiz" to check on the status of your submission. Instead, look in the following 2 places.

On the quiz page:

To check your quiz status, return to the page from which you started the quiz and check the Sidebar (right) to see your quiz status:

  • If you haven't started the quiz, the Sidebar will not contain any information about attempts or submissions.
  • If you're in the middle of taking a quiz, you will see a button to "Resume Quiz".
  • If you're only allowed one submission and you've submitted the quiz, you will see "Submission Details".
  • If you are allowed more than one attempt, you will see "Last Attempt Details", showing information about your last submission.

On your dashboard:

You can also check your user dashboard by clicking on "Courses (& Groups)" in your Global Navigation.  Some submitted quizzes will immediately show up with a green check mark under Recent Feedback. If your instructor is working on scores and the quiz is "muted", you won't see anything in Recent Feedback until scores are released.  To see whether a quiz is muted, return to the quiz page as described above and look for "Your quiz has been muted".

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