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Course Materials: Downloading & Organizing


These directions assume that the majority of your courses have resources in Canvas and Study.Net; however, if that's not the case, contact your professor to find out the best way to retrieve and organize your materials.  Feel free to modify the steps according to your specific needs.  

The two main steps are:

  1. Download everything from Canvas and Study.Net to your PC or MAC and save the folder(s) in the storage device of your choice such as SugarSync, DropBox, Google Drive, or Box.Net.  Once materials are in one of those cloud storage options, you can access your course materials from any mobile device that supports the web-based or app-based version of that cloud storage.  
    • While you are a Penn student, you have access to the University versions of Google Drive and (Penn)Box.

Download Course Materials to your PC/MAC

  1. In the storage device of your choice, create a folder for your class (for example, ACCT 603).  If you plan on accessing your materials on a mobile device or tablet, we recommend one of the following cloud storage options:  DropBox, Box, SugarSync, or Google Drive.
  2. Log into SPIKE and locate the My Courses section where you will see a variety of resources available for each course.  
  3. Canvas Materials:    There are three ways to download files into the class folder that you created in your storage device in Step 1:
    • In Preview mode: Preview a file by clicking on the file name and then use the Download link shown at upper right.
    • Download a file without previewing it: Hover over a file to show the gear icon at the far right.  Click on the gear icon to expose the Download command.  Or, select the file by clicking to the right of the file name and then use the grey download button that appears near the top.
    • Download multiple files or folders:  Select your files and folders by clicking to the right of the file/folder names.  To select multiple files or folders, hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) while clicking with your mouse.  You can also select all files by using Ctrl-A (Command-A).  Then click the grey download button near the top.  Multiple files/folders will be downloaded as a .ZIP.
  4. Study.Net Copyrighted Materials:  If your course has materials on Study.Net, access and download them through the Study.Net tab within Canvas.  Once there, you can download the materials in a zip file (individual PDF documents) or as an eReader file (one large PDF document) and paste them into your class folder that you created in your storage device.  Note:  If your course does not use Canvas, access the Study.Net materials directly by clicking the Study.Net icon in SPIKE's My Courses section. 
  5. Now everything from Canvas and Study.Net should be organized in a folder in your desired storage device.  We recommend backing up these documents on a regular basis.  iPad trick:  If you plan on using an annotation app, convert any Word or PowerPoint files to a PDF as most annotation apps currently only allow you to annotate PDF documents.  


Note:  Do not share copyrighted course materials with other students as it is illegal.  

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