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Mailing List Roles: Owners, Editors, Moderators


Owners, editors and moderators can all send to a moderated list without requiring approval from the moderator.  There is no way to prevent mail sent by these individuals from being distributed to the list.

>> Owners, editors and moderators must have Wharton email addresses.  Make sure you are listed in the appropriate places with your @wharton address.


As primary administrators of the list, owners can:

  • Change the configuration and templates of the list
  • Add, approve and delete subscriptions
  • Change the settings on subscriptions
  • Send email to the list without requiring moderator's approval


Editors can make certain changes to the list. Editors can:

  • Send email to the list without requiring moderator's approval


When a list is moderated, all messages are sent to the moderator(s) for approval.  Moderators can:

  • Approve messages sent to the list
  • Send messages to the list without having to approve them.
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