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Overview and Getting Started with Google@Wharton


Google@Wharton, our name for the suite of customized Google-based email and collaboration tools, provides Wharton students with key communication tools.

Getting Started


Gmail, without the ads!   Your account ID is based on your Wharton email address (username@wharton.upenn.edu).  Mail sent to your Wharton address will be delivered to your GMail@Wharton account; when you send mail it will come from your @wharton address, even though you are using Gmail.

Use a mobile device, a web browser or mail client program (such as Outlook) to access your GMail@Wharton account. For more information on using Wharton's Gmail, see:

Google Calendar

Your calendar is connected to your Wharton email address (username@wharton.upenn.edu). This means that all your classmates also have a Google calendar, and you can see their Free/Busy information if they choose to allow that. This can be a powerful scheduling tool for learning teams and other collaborative projects. 

Others from G Suite:

Use Chrome for best results! Collaborate with your fellow Wharton students using these GoogleApps that are tied to your Wharton Account:






Why Google@Wharton?

Moving to Google allows Wharton Computing an opportunity to provide students with a cohesive communication and collaboration offering that includes email, chat, calendaring, document sharing and document management.  It provides:

  • Tighter integration between Google and Wharton’s online services: Frequently requested by many students already using Google for their personal online communication and collaboration needs.  

  • Collaboration: An opportunity for students to collaborate and communicate online in real-time, which is very much in demand for group work.

  • Easily Accessible: Provides the ability to access these features anytime, anywhere, and from any device.  

In addition,Wharton students who have been testing the platform have cited the following benefits as particularly useful:

  • Multiple calendars interact together well: Provides benefits such as viewing multiple Google calendars and email accounts in a single browser tab.

Calendar-sharing options: Allows you to  share your calendar with friends or create multiple calendars accessible to other Google users for group work

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