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Recommended Software, Apps, Browsers, etc.


Software Recommendations

The basic software recommendations for students are designed to provide compatibility with the software in Wharton's computer labs and classrooms. When purchasing your system and software, be sure to request disks containing your original software. If your vendor doesn't provide the operating system CD or a recovery CD, be sure to ask about recovery procedures should the system fail.

  Windows Mac OS
Operating System: Windows 10 (Professional Edition) or later Mac OS X v10.12.x Sierra or later
Productivity: Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Edition or later

Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 or later with Exchange Support

Internet Browser: Microsoft Edge and Mozilla FireFox 54.0.x or later Safari 10.x and Mozilla FireFox 54.0.x or later

Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 (free for Penn students) or Windows Defender (Win8.1 and Later)

Symantec Endpoint  
(free for Penn students)
Virtualization for Windows: N/A 1Apple's Bootcamp (comes with Sierra), VMWare's Fusion, or Parallels.

Note: All of the software that is listed in the table above is sold at the Penn Computer Connection store at a discounted rate. Microsoft Offce 365 ProPlus is free to all Penn students; log into Campus Express for more information.

1It is recommended that your Mac have at least 8GB of RAM if you plan to install Microsoft Windows in VMware Fusion or Parallels. The Student Support office in SH-DH 114 can help you upgrade your RAM if you bring it into the office.

Additional Software & Browsers

We recommend installing Adobe Reader which will let you view and print files created in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.pdf). We also recommend downloading SecureCRT if you plan on saving files to the student unix server or creating your own website, but this is not a necessity. If you plan on using FTP (file transfer protocol), you can download the WSFTP client for Windows below.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari all work in the Wharton environment. However, we recommend having more than one browser as a backup. If you are using Opera as your primary browser, it is necessary to have an alternate browser as most Wharton websites have not been tested extensively in this browser so certain functions may be limited.

Recommended Mobile Apps

Dropbox (free version available) - or a similar cloud storage app

When you first get your iPad, you'll need a way to easily transfer your files from your computer to your iPad - dropbox is a good application for accomplishing this. Set up a free Dropbox account for your computer from Dropbox.com. The Dropbox folder on your computer will automatically sync with the Dropbox Server. When your iPad is connected to the Internet, you can seamlessly retrieve your files through the free Dropbox app.

The Dropbox app also offers basic viewing functionality for many types of files including PDFs.

Good Reader ($4.99) - or a similar annotation app

Good Reader is a slightly more complex file reader app on your iPad. The greatest strength of the program is its ability to sync from multiple sources, including Dropbox and Google Docs -- many students recommended Good Reader because of this feature. It also has annotation abilities.

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