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Printing from Study.Net


You can send your Study.Net materials to Wharton Printing if you don't want to print them out yourself.  Here's how:

  1. From inside your Canvas course site, click Study.Net Materials on the left side.  If you already own the course pack, the list of readings will appear.
  2. Underneath the list of readings, use the Click here to purchase a printed Hard Copy link.
  3. In the Purchase Options pop-up window, read the price, check the Order printed Hard Copy checkbox, and press Proceed.
  4. Complete the transaction using Study.Net's shopping cart.
  5. For the price indicated in Step 3, a printed version of the course materials ("TEXTPAK'"or Hard Copy) will be assembled by Wharton Reprographics for pickup or delivery within 2 business days.  Pick up your bulkpacks at 400 SH-DH.
  6. Contact repro-service@wharton.upenn.edu with any issues or difficulties.
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