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About Files


Each Canvas site has a dedicated Course Files storage area, reachable with the "Files" link.  Note that Course Files, which are viewable and downloadable by everyone in the course, are different from group or personal files. Only instructors and TAs can upload files to Course Files.

Accessing Files

  • Many types of files can be previewed in the browser window without downloading the entire file.
  • Files can be downloaded one at a time by clicking on the file name.
  • You can zip and download the contents of a single folder.
  • You can zip and download more than one folder at a time. Select your files and folders by clicking to the right of the file/folder names.  To select multiple files or folders, hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) while clicking with your mouse.  You can also select all files by using Ctrl-A (Command-A).  Then click the grey Download button near the top.

Student groups have Files storage, but it should NOT be used to turn in assignments

All student groups created in Canvas have a sub-site for private discussions, announcements, etc.  These group sites also have a Files area.  Students can upload files here for access by all group members, but this is NOT the same as turning in an assignment.  If you have an assignment that is supposed to be turned in online, submit the file by following the instructions in the assignment.  Do not upload the file to your personal Files or to your group Files if you want your instructor to find it.

Use caution deleting from your personal Files "unfiled" folder

Your personal Files are reachable via the "Settings" link in the Help corner (upper right).   Most students will have an "unfiled" folder, which may contain submitted individual and group assignments.  These should NOT be deleted.

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