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Printing at Wharton: Options, Locations, and Cost


Wharton Printing Account

In order to print a document, students need a Wharton printing account with sufficient funds.

  • Full-time Wharton MBA students receive an initial free (& non-refundable) credit balance of $40 at the beginning of each semester.
  • Full-time Wharton UGR students receive an initial free (& non-refundable) credit balance of $20 at the beginning of each semester.

Once this has been depleted, students' PennCash account will be automatically charged. Students taking a Wharton class have printing accounts which draw funds automatically from their PennCash account when they print a document.

  • Add Funds: You can add funds to your PennCash account online at the PennCash website.
  • View your print balance: Log in to Spike and click on the "My Account" tab, OR swipe your Penn card at one of the printers and on the "Select a Document" screen you can view your print account balance and check account details including previous print jobs.

Types of Printers

There are different types of printers throughout the Wharton complex, each with different features and functionality

  • Multifunction Printers (Copy/Print/Scan)
    • Black & White or Color
    • Print documents
    • Make copies
    • Scan to email
  • Xerox Printers
    • Black & White
    • Best for printing course packs

Printer Locations

   Black & White
 Black & White Multifunction (Copy/Print/Scan)  Color and Black & White Multifunction

JMHH Forum

Printer Row: F76-A, B, D, E, H, I,
Labs: F75-A; F80-A
Forum, F76-J, F76-K Printer Row: F76-F, G

JMHH 2nd Level

   Hallway: 279-B Hallway: 279-C

JMHH 3rd Level

Labs: 375-A,  380-A

Hallway: 379-B

Hallway: 379-C


Ground Floor:  107   

Joe's Cafe: "Joe"

Ground Floor:  107 



Lippincott Library

    2nd Floor

Cost of Printing

   Black & White


$0.07 $0.28

Double-sided Sheet
(2 pages)

$0.10 $0.56


free free

Default Setting

Double-sided Single-sided


Note:  For specialty printing, such as bound course packs, bulk printing, large format, or specialty papers, you can visit Wharton Printing located in 400 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall (on the ground floor near Joe's Cafe).  

Printing from a Public Workstation

To print to a Wharton printer from a public workstation, see  Printing From a Wharton Public Workstation


  • Time-Limit: Documents sent to the print queues are held for 5 hours and can be released from any printer.
  • Duplex Default: Documents printed on the black and white printers are duplex printed by default. To print single-sided, select the single-sided option from the print options.


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