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Wharton Account Overview


A  Wharton Computing Account is required for access to some Wharton Computing resources.

What's required for an account?  All users of Wharton Accounts are required to agree with Wharton's Account Policies

Need to Create an Account?  See Create Your Wharton Account

Graduating Soon?  See  Graduating Students: Account Transition Information

Need to Change your Password? See Change / Reset your Wharton Password

Wharton Accounts Include...

Your Wharton account gives you access to certain Wharton services, including e-mail, and software and data resources.


All full time students have a Wharton Email account for personal e-mail, calendar, and contacts. Email accounts are either provided on Google's G Suite for Education.

  • Access Your Email Account:  The quickest way to check e-mail (either version) is to use SPIKE's Webmail link in the top right of the screen.
  • Set up your Email  Use our Knowledge Base to set up your devices.  Start with Configuring Your Wharton Email 

Web Space Account

Space on our student web server (students.wharton.upenn.edu) is automatically provided for all full-time Wharton students.

PennKey Accounts allow access to ...

Public Computing / Printing

Your PennKey account gives you the ability to use the public computers and the printers in Jon M Huntsman and Steinberg-Dietrich Halls. For more information on public computing and printing, see the On Campus Technology section of this website.

Printing is available to all Wharton students and to Penn students taking a Wharton Class.

Access to SPIKE, Canvas, and other services

Your PennKey account gives you access to SPIKE, Online Directory (Community), and numerous other services that are restricted to members of the Wharton Community. 



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