Video and Audio Conference Calls


Group Study Rooms

Self-serve conferencing is available in the Group Study Rooms. Skype and Wharton's Virtual Meeting service hosted by Bluejeans are the preferred options and are already installed, but other web-based options like Google hangouts are possible as well.  In order to set up a Bluejeans account, please go to and log in with your Pennkey. More information about Wharton's Virtual Meeting service hosted by Bluejeans is available here.


Conferencing is also available for larger groups or events with a classroom reservation.  Options there expand to include Adobe Connect, hardware based videoconferencing and analog audio only conferencing. Each require a modest level of assistance from the Public Technology team.    Testing with the remote parties prior to your event is recommended for independent users and required if working with a Public technology technician. 

For more information or to get assistance planning your conferencing needs for an event, please visit the Public Technology website:  or send email to  


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