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Spam Filtering Service for Student Email Accounts


SPAM filtering service (also called Junk Filter) is available on Wharton's Gmail for student e-mail accounts.  There is basic SPAM filtering provided by Gmail, and there is also an option to add specific addresses or domains as "safe" so they aren't automatically marked as SPAM.  This list is known as a "Whitelist".

If you want to accept all email sent from Wharton, for instance, you can go into your settings in your Wharton Gmail mailbox and add @wharton.upenn.edu (or another domain, for instance @seas.upenn.edu). (This is something you have to do -- we can't do it for you.)

Adding Addresses to your Whitelist

There are a number of considerations to weigh when you are deciding whether to add a domain or address to your whitelist:


  • Reduces the risk that a legitimate email will wind up in your SPAM folder.
  • Messages in SPAM are automatically deleted after a month, and are not recoverable.


  • Email that is actually SPAM may end up in your Inbox.

Since the service is run by Gmail, it's best to use their directions for setting up your whitelist:


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