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Laptop Printing (for Mac)


Configure your Mac laptop to access the Wharton printers by doing the following:

Installing the Print Configuration Application

First time Installation

  1. Download the print queue application, Wharton Printers Config, below.
    (Don't follow the attached ReadMe file; instead, follow the directions below to install)

     Wharton Printers Config

  2. Double-click the Wharton Printers Config-MAC.zip file to extract the contents of the zipped up folder.  If the file does not expand automatically, choose the option to Expand the File.
  3. To bypass Gatekeeper's settings, run the app by right clicking on the Wharton Printers Config application and selecting Open; the following window will then be displayed:

    Click Open to run the application.
  4. Proceed through the installation accepting the defaults; you will need to enter an administrator’s username and password (username will already be filled in if you’re running your Mac as an admin) during the installation.
  5. When the installation is finished, you will see a message stating "Wharton Student Printers were successfully added to your Mac".


(For users who already had Wharton's Printers configured on their laptops)

  1. Follow Steps 1-3 listed above.
  2. If you are running this app with the printers and/or just the Pharos Popup Client already installed, you’ll be prompted with a warning message before continuing. Select “Uninstall Pharos” to bring up the Pharos uninstaller (to uninstall the printers and/or Pharos), or “Continue Anyway” to continue installing/reinstalling the printers with your existing install of Pharos.
  3. After selecting “Uninstall Pharos”, a notification window will be displayed asking for administrator credentials to run the uninstall portion of the app - enter an administrator’s username and password (username will already be filled in if you’re running your Mac as an admin), and select OK.
  4. Restart your machine, and follow the First Time Installation directions (Steps 1-5 above).

Duplex Printing:  To enable your Mac to print doublesided, you need to allow Duplexing. 

  1. Open System Preferences and click on the Print & Fax icon.
  2. Select the Wharton Student Black and White printer, and choose Advanced. (Duplex printing is not recommended for Color documents.)
  3. Select the Options tab and check the Duplex box
  4. Click OK and OK.


Print to A Wharton Printer

To print a document to a Wharton printer, do the following:

  1. Send a Document to the Print Queue:
    • Choose Print from the File menu of your application and select whether you want Black & White or Color. Jobs sent to the print queues are held for 5 hours; Black& White documents can be released from any color printer.
    • A popup window will appear asking for your Wharton ID, enter your Pennkey username.
  2. Print Out Your Document on a Wharton Printer:
    • Go to the printer type you selected.
    • Click the ""Print Release"" button on the printer touch screen.
    • Swipe your Penn card.
      Note: After swiping your card, it may take a few seconds for the printer to display the print queue.
    • Select the document you want to print and click the Print button. If there are multiple jobs in the print queue that you would like to print, click the Print All button.
    • From the ""Select A Document"" screen, you can view your print account balance. To view details about your print account, click the Account button.
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