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iPad Configuration -- Getting Started at Wharton


Note: At this time, it is not possible to use your iPad to print directly to Wharton's networked printers. However, you can use the Email Print option.

These steps will help configure your iPad for use at Wharton. 



    1. Connect your iPad to a computer with iTunes to register it. If prompted, update your iPad to the current firmware version.

Set Up AirPennNet/Wifi

    1. Connect your iPad to the Internet using the following steps (for this automatic configuration to work you MUST be in an area that receives AirPennNet):
        • Go to the "Settings" icon in your iPad

        • Under the "Wi-Fi" Tab, select AirPennNet-Help.
        • When you connect to AirPennNet-Help a new window should automatically appear. Click the "Continue" link at the bottom of the page to continue.
        • Wait until the page pictured below loads. Then go back to the "Settings" menu.
        • In the Settings menu click the "Install" option.

        • Follow the steps to enter your PennKey and PennKey password

        • AirPennNet should connect automatically.  This should be the only time you will need to perform this set-up.



Set Up Email

See the Email for iOS guide to set up your email on an iPad.


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