Configuring Gmail to send from your Wharton or Alumni Forwarding Address


These directions will allow your personal Gmail account to send as either your Wharton Address or your Alumni forwarding email address in the From field of an email.

Note: This will only work for students with an active Wharton account because Google requires authentication to an active account.  Once you have graduated and your Wharton email account has been closed, this option will no longer work. For options after your account has closed, see Configuring An Email Account to send from your Wharton Alumni Address.


  1. If your student email is forwarding to your Gmail account, change your forwarding back to your Wharton account. Go to => My Account => My Email and follow the prompts.
  2. Log into your Wharton@Google account, go to the Less Secure Apps page, and make sure it's set to Turn on.
  3. Log into your Personal Gmail and choose the Gear icon.
  4. Choose Settings => Accounts tab.
  5. In the 'Send mail as:' section choose Add Another Email Address You Own.
  6. If the Name: box is empty, enter your full name.
  7. In the Email Address box, enter one of the following based on which Email Address you intend to send as: Click Next Step.
  8. Make sure the Treat as Alias option is checked. Click Next Step.
  9. Enter the Following information:
    • Wharton Password
    • Note: you must authenticate using the address even when configuring for an Alumni address
  10. Click Add Account.
  11. Look for a verification message from Gmail in your email account.  The message should contain a confirmation link. Click that link and you will now be verified. 
  12. Go back to Gmail and you will see that your Alumni address is now verified.
    • If you unforwarded your Wharton email you can now go back into SPIKE and change the forwarding back to Gmail. 

For students with an active Wharton account: if you send an email from your personal account with the Alumni alias, recipients will see it coming from your Wharton account until your Wharton account is deactivated as a default. An easy fix to this is by adding your Alumni address to your Wharton account and setting it as the default "send as" address.

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