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Exporting Messages in MacMail


With MacMail, there are two methods of backing up your email inbox. You can create an MBOX file similar to an Outlook PST file, or transfer your mail to another email account. 


Exporting your mailbox to an MBOX File.

  1. In MacMail, click on the mailbox you would like to export on the left hand side in the Mailboxes tab. 
  2. Click on "Mailbox" in the menubar.
  3. Select "Export Mailbox..." And choose a save location. 
  4. You will now have a MBOX file safely stored on your computer. 


Transferring Wharton Emails to another Email account

  1. Be sure your Wharton email as well as a personal email are setup in MacMail.
  2. Click on the inbox that contains all of your Wharton emails. 
  3. Select all of your emails (Command⌘+ A) and drag them to your personal email.
  4. If you have folders, you will need to drag each Wharton folder to your personal email. Folders are located at the bottom left of the Mailboxes tab. 


//Using Outlook on a PC: Working with Personal Folders in Outlook (The process is similar if you have Outlook for MAC).

//Using Wharton Webmail: Transferring Wharton E-mail messages to G-mail

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