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Moderated Mailing Lists


Mailing lists can be set up as "moderated" lists.  This means that any mail sent to the list must be approved by the moderators before it is sent to the list.  The owner of the list assigns the moderators. 

If your list is set up to be moderated, you'll need to choose an editor for the list and a moderator.

Setting up a Moderated List

  1. Follow the directions for creating a list in Managing Mailing Lists: Resources for List Owners.  Be sure to chose the option Moderated.
  2. Designate one or more members of the list as "Moderators"
  3. Designate one or more members of the list as "Editors".

Approving Messages on a Moderated List

  1. Log into SPIKE, choose the My Account tab, and choose the Mailing Lists link.
  2. Choose the List Moderation tab.
  3. Click the Approve Messages link, and follow the onscreen directions to approve or deny messages.
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