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Wharton Connect App (Current Student Version)


The Wharton Connect App is a quick way to access SPIKE.  It also has a feature allowing students to check into class (for participating classes).

Brower version of the app: http://whr.tn/wh-connect

Preliminary Steps for all Troubleshooting Problems

  • Download most recent app update from IOS or Android App store
  • Make sure you are connected to AirPennNet wifi.
    • If you haven’t set this up yet: Connect to AirPennNet-Help, open a web browser on your device, and follow prompts (See more information if needed: AirPennNet Wireless Setup)
  • Make sure you are set to Auto-Join on AirPennNet only…make sure Auto-Join is off for AirPennNet-Guest and AirPennNet-Help

Common Problems

Problem:  When you load the app you see a blue screen with three white blinking dots.  

Explanation: This may happen if you are not connected to the Internet at the time of loading.  


  1. Force quit the app ( Force Quit Applications on Your Device )
  2. Confirm you have the latest update from the App store/Google Play
  3. Confirm your device is on a wifi connection.
  4. Load app again.
  5. If problems persist, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it from the app store.

Problem:  "I’ve checked in to my class and the app says I’m checked in, however, I still get an email at the end of the day saying I was absent." 


  1. Confirm you have the latest update from the App store/Google Play
  2. Confirm you are on wifi when you check in.

Problem: The check in option does not show up when you load the app.  


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