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Course Materials: Study.Net


Study.Net is a third-party service that Wharton partnered with to manage royalty streams, ensure compliance with copyright law, and improve the course pack ordering process. Study.Net hosts large course packs and copyrighted course materials for Wharton courses, making them available for download. You can access these resources using the Study.Net link in each course's Canvas site. Choose to read your materials online, directly on your computer, print them on an as-needed basis or have Wharton Printing bulk-print them for you.

Downloading Materials

Once the course materials have been purchased, they will appear in the Study.Net materials section of your course's Canvas site. You can download files individually or in a bulk download either as a zip file or as an eReader PDF file that you can annotate using PDF annotation software. For information on sending bulkpaks to be printed at Wharton Printing, see Printing Options from Study.Net

Access to Materials

Course materials will be available for electronic access, printing and saving for up to 90 days after the course's end date. The extra 90-day period allows for additional time to save any course materials. Course listings on Study.Net will be highlighted in gray and will show you the days remaining for access.

If you are confused about the difference between Study.Net and Canvas, check out our article: Canvas Files Vs. Study.Net Copyrighted Course Materials.

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