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Canvas Overview (video)


Most Wharton courses will have a site on the courseware platform Canvas. You can access your course's Canvas site using SPIKE's Courses tab. Visit Canvas to find slide decks, syllabi, and other non-copyrighted materials, or to turn in any online assignments. Course sites are also used for class activities such as sign-ups, online discussions, faculty communication and group projects.

Log into Canvas by logging in to SPIKE (using your PennKey Account) and navigating to the My Courses tab. Click on the Canvas links listed under your course.

You can also navigate directly to the website for your Canvas courses. Point your browser to:


Canvas Features:

  • Powerful online assignment collection: you can turn in files, fill out forms, or even submit Google Docs
  • Built-in tools for audio and video recording, media import and podcast distribution
  • Real-time collaboration features for document editing, chat and web conferencing
  • Notification options: be notified of announcements appointments, and course changes by text message, Facebook, or Twitter.

Check out our video below for a more detailed overview of the features in Canvas: http://www.screencast.com/t/8e4YrDYmnxD)

For more information about Canvas, check out our article: Canvas for Students - 5 Important Tips.

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