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Backing Up Google@Wharton Account Data (Google Takeout Service)


This document provides steps for backing up your account data in Gmail.  This works for both personal Gmail accounts and for Google@Wharton accounts.

Google Takeout Service

Google Takeout is an archiving service that allows you to export data from your Google@Wharton account to a zip file that you can store on your computer or to a cloud service. This service can be used by Mac and Windows users. Google Takeout will allow you to export data from the following Google Services associated with your Google@Wharton account:

  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Drive

Create a Backup Using Google Takeout

Note: Please check what Google account you are signed in to. Google Takeout is able to create a backup for any Google account, if you need to back up your Wharton account, please sign in to that.

Click More to learn how to create a backup using Google Takeout:

    1. Go to http://www.google.com/takeout
    2. Sign-in using your Wharton email address and password
    3. Click Create an Archive button


    4. Select the items you would like to backup and then click the Create Archive

      At this point the services you selected are being backed up. You do not need to monitor this process and do not need to stay logged in to your account for the process to continue. You will be notified by email when your back up is ready to be accessed.

      You can also access your archive by going to http://www.google.com/takeout and clicking the My archives link a the top of the page.

    5. Click the Download button to access the Zip file that contains your archive data  

    6. Save this file to a safe location you can easily find

      Note: Your archive is only available for seven days on Google’s servers so you will need to download this file within this timeframe. 


Microsoft Windows Users with Outlook

  • To back up your email account data from Outlook you will need to configure your Wharton account using the G Suite Sync tool. Then you can export your data to an Outlook Data File.
  • To export Google Drive data use the Google Takeout instructions below.

Note: Mac Users, as well as Windows Users who don't have Outlook, will need to use the Google Takeout service below to export all data.

Import Your Backup Into Other Mail Clients

To import your backed up data to another email client (such as Thunderbird) see

Transferring Google@Wharton E-mail, Calendar and Contacts to Another Email Client

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