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Wharton-to-PennKey Authentication Transition


The way you log into many of Wharton’s online services and public computers has changed.  For most services, instead of using Wharton credentials now you can log in with your PennKey credentials, which are used across the University. Although how you log in has changed, who can log in has not.

This move is due in part to student feedback, and has simplified the login process across Wharton and University resources. It also allows for Single Sign-On with a greater number of services.

This matrix shows which services now use PennKey for authentication.




Wharton Online Service Wharton Credentials
Penn Credentials

SPIKE and Connected Services

includes: Calendar, GSRs, Video Network, Study.Net access


MBA Career Management
MBA for Executives Career Management
Appointment Schedulers
(Career Management. Advising, and more)
Course Match
Wharton Connect App and Mobile Website
Public Computers
(includes Group Study Rooms, Classroom Computers
and Labs on the Philadelphia Campus)

Virtual Labs
Events and Room Requests

Campus Groups
Mailing Lists
Wharton Account Management (Forwarding, Password Change)
(This service is NOT moving to Pennkey Authentication)
Email (Google AND Exchange)
(This service is NOT moving to Pennkey Authentication)


The following Penn services commonly used by Wharton students already use PennKey Authentication:

  • AirPennNet/Wireless
  • PennInTouch
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Canvas
  • Access to the Video Network, and Study.Net via Canvas


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