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Assignment Submissions


Do I need to add a comment when I submit?

Canvas knows who you are and what you're submitting, so you only need to add a comment if you want to provide information that the teaching team would not have otherwise, such as, "The TA can explain that we were given an extension on this due date." Comments like "Professor, here is my Homework #1. Sincerely, Joseph Wharton" don't add any information that Canvas isn't already tracking and showing to your teaching team.

Confirming Assignment Submissions

  • Students are sometimes unsure whether or not an assignment has been successfully submitted in Canvas. To check, return to the assignment page and look in the upper right corner for the words "Turned in!" To confirm the contents of your submission, you can click the "Submissions Details" link. From there, you can either preview your file with the "View Feedback" button, or you can download it by clicking on the file name.

  • Certain assignments meant to be shared with the whole class are posted as Discussions; you'll see your reply on the Discussion topic page along with any file attachments.
  • See this article if you're having trouble telling whether a quiz or survey was submitted.

Trouble Submitting an Assignment?

Occasionally, students will have trouble submitting an assignment in Canvas. Usually the behavior is encountered on Macs - the submission process hangs and the file never gets uploaded. For an immediate solution, please try another browser if you have one available. You can also try clearing your browser's cache. This will often clear up the problem. If neither of these remedies helps, please submit a ticket in Canvas using the "Report a Problem" form. To get to this form, click on the "Help" link in the upper right, and select "Report a Problem."

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