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Wharton Community Help


Searching for People in Wharton Community

The search function in Community is looking through a large amount of University provided data.  The more specific you are in your searching terms, the more accurate your results will be. Get started by using the Keyword Search box at the top of the page. 


If you are searching for a student, make sure to check off Current Students.


To further narrow down your search, there are several advanced search filters under the Keyword Search box.




Search by First or Last Name or Department. You can then sort the list for easier browsing.



Searching by Interest in Wharton Community 

Browse Directory Tags

Click the Browse Directory Tags link at the left navigation section. Tags are grouped into sections that are displayed at the top of the page. The top 500 results are displayed alphabetically in a tag cloud and sized according to popularity.



Editing your Community Profile

Editing Your Privacy Settings

  1. Click on the My Profilelink in Wharton Community.
  2. Click on the  located in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  3. In the right-most column, there are check boxes that correspond to each feature of your profile. Click the box to hide that feature.

Editing Your Information

Under My Profile, each category of information will have a  at the upper right hand corner. Click on these edit links to add, delete, or change the information.

Recording the Pronunciation of Your Name

  1. Click on the My Profile link in Wharton Community.
  2. Click on the located in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  3. Locate the module that allows you to record your name.


  4. Make sure that you have the Flash Player installed and an enabled microphone.
  5. Hit the red record button and say your name into your microphone.
  6. To re-record, simply overwrite your original recording by repeating this procedure.


Other Information

Finding Non-Wharton Students

There is a link in the Bookmarks tab to the Penn Directory. You can find Penn students, faculty, and staff there.

Getting involved in the Wharton Community

Life@Wharton - Life@Wharton is a way to provide snapshots of life at Wharton. If you have an image of a school-related activity, feel free to upload it for approval. If approved, your image will be posted for up to two weeks. Further directions can be found within Life@Wharton when you try to upload your photo.

Wharton Voices - Wharton Voices is a live Twitter feed located on the right-hand side of your Community profile. To contribute to the feed, tweet to @whartonvoices. Otherwise, follow the account whartonvoices from your Twitter account for updates from Wharton Voices!

Exporting Searches or Lists

Exporting searches or lists of contacts is prohibited due to privacy and spam concerns. You can, however, add people individually.

To contact your entire class or cohort, use the appropriate email list or contact your Program Office.

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