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SPIKE Calendar: Overview and Help


The SPIKE Calendar is a suite of calendars representing a number of different event-oriented organizations at Wharton.  You can customize the calendar so that when you log in, you see the items that you are interested in, including your own personal calendar and courses.

The SPIKE Calendar itself is a "sync only" calendar.  It shows events that have been submitted through scheduling and by Wharton School departments. It will also display your personal events if you use the Wharton exchange calendar connected to your Wharton account. (You cannot enter personal events directly onto the SPIKE calendar.)

For help on a specific topic, please follow the links below.

Subscribing to calendars

You can add calendar feeds to your calendar, so you can keep current with events, your courses and your personal calendar.

SPIKE Calendar Feeds – Subscribing/Importing Events and Courses Schedules

Changing your course schedule

Working with Calendar Events

Browsing/Viewing the SPIKE Calendar

Listing An Event

Submitting Events to the Calendar

Reserving Rooms


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