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Windows Symantec Anti-virus FAQ


Wharton Computing currently recommends Symantec AntiVirus for virus protection software (except for Windows 8 or later). The University has a license for this product, so students, faculty and staff may use it free of charge.

>>Virus Protection for Windows 8 or later

You can download a copy of Symantec AntiVirus from Penn's Computing Website at:https://www.isc.upenn.edu/sep-windows-download-form

Symantec FAQs

What if I already have anti-virus software?


  • If you are satisfied with your current antivirus software and are able to update the virus definition files on a regular basis then you can continue the use of your current anti-virus software but might need an additional anti-spyware program. If you are not able to update the virus definition files or your antivirus subscription is expired you will need to switch to Symantec.

Why should I switch to Symantec Endpoint?


  • Symantec does not charge for virus definition updates or require a subscription to get updates, and scans for spyware in addition to viruses. It is also supported by Wharton Computing, so you will be able to get assistance with the program should you encounter any problems.

Will I get technical support if I switch to Symantec Endpoint?


  • Yes, Wharton Computing offers support for Symantec Endpoint and will be able to help you install and configure the antivirus software.

How do I ensure my definition files are always up to date?


  • Symantec can be configured to search for updates and download them automatically so the virus definition files will be up-to-date. To do this, follow the steps listed below :
    • Open the Symantec Endpoint client from Start -> All Programs or by clicking on the yellow shield icon on your system tray .
    • Click the Change Settings option, and select Configure Settings in the Client Management section, then choose the Scheduled Updates tab. Choose the frequency for the Updates to be run.
    • By default the Updates should be scheduled to run every day at 8:00pm. Select a time that you are likely to be online.
    • You can also run a instant update by clicking the Live Update option on the main screen.

How do I setup routine virus scans?

  • Symantec has real-time virus protection that will stop most viruses before they infect your computer, but from time to time viruses or spyware may infect your computer before the virus definitions are updated. You should, therefore set up Symantec to do a full scan of your computer at least every week. To do this, follow the steps listed below :
    • Open the Symantec Endpoint client from Start -> All Programs or by clicking on the yellow shield icon on your system tray.
    • Click the Options button in the Proactive Threat Protection section, then choose Change Settings.
    • Choose the Scan Frequency tab and select the At Custom Scan Frequency option.
    • Select set a day and time where your computer will be on, but you are likely not to be using it, then click OK.
    • Click Next. Select all hard drives on your computer and then select Options.


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