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Reserving Rooms


To reserve a room for an event at Wharton, you'll need to take the following steps.

  1. Submit your event to the Calendar by choosing the Calendar button in SPIKE and clicking on the New Wharton Event link. Please select all appropriate tags from the right hand side before submitting your event.
  2. Click the button that reads "Save Event & Continue to Room Request".

  3. You then need to answer some additional questions on the next form to submit your room request. This form must be filled out 3 business days in advance. If you do not complete this form, you will not be assigned a room.
  4. When you submit the Room Request it sends an email to specialevents@wharton.upenn.edu and to the person listed as the contact for the event. You should save this email since it is your receipt and will be needed if there are any questions or problems. A Scheduling representative will email the contact person when they have found a room.
  5. The original requestor can add the Room Location to the Wharton Events Calendar by logging into SPIKE, finding the event and clicking on the edit link. You should enter the location provided and then hit Save Event Only.
  6. Any questions regarding a specific Room Request or reservation should be made by responding to the initial email that is sent to the contact person after the Room Request was submitted.

You may contact the scheduling and facilities department with any questions at the following web site (http://inside.wharton.upenn.edu/wsfs/roomreservation.html)

Recurring Room Reservation

Some of your events may re-occur regularly, and you may want to schedule rooms for these recurring events.  Please indicate the date range, and whether any dates are excluded in that range (for instance, semester breaks) in the "Internal Comments" box at the bottom of the reservation page.

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