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Buying Guide - Can I use my current / company computer?


Can I use my current computer?

New Wharton students should first consider purchasing a new computer, making sure it has a current and comprehensive warranty and sufficient support offerings. This increases the likelihood that the computer will not need to be replaced while you are a student.

If a new system is out of the question, an older computer may be adequate for temporary use. However, be wary of upgrading an old computer with a newer operating system; it can cause unexpected problems. We don't recommend upgrading Operating systems older than Windows' Vista or Mac's Leopard.

We recommend that you carefully review the Buying Guide so that you understand the system features that will enhance your experience in Wharton's computing environment. After you have read this guide, you should be able to make an educated decision about whether or not your current system will meet your individual needs.

Can I use my company computer?

We don't recommend using a computer that has been used in a corporate or company environment. These machines prove problematic since differences between individual company configurations and the school's configurations cause conflicts that Wharton Computing Student Support is often unable to resolve. In many cases these machines need to be reformatted, and in most cases the employers have not provided the original Operating System disks for the computer. These machines are not supported by Wharton Computing Student Support.

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