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Create Your PennKey Account


Your PennKey is the username you use to access many of Wharton and Penn's networked systems and services.

If you haven't already chosen your PennKey and password, locate the PennKey setup code you received by email from Penn and visit: http://www.upenn.edu/computing/pennkey/.

You must complete the PennKey setup process prior to registering for a Wharton account, which will allow you to access some additional Wharton resources.

If you experience any problems with your PennKey, please email pennkey@isc.upenn.edu.

PennKey Account: Access and Privileges

Your Pennkey Account will give you access to the following:

  • PennInTouch (transcripts, tuition bill)
  • Campus Express (Penn Cash, PennCard)
  • AirPennNet wireless network
  • Library resources and database
  • Public computers and study spaces
  • Online resources you need for your Wharton classwork, including Canvas

Understanding Your PennKey vs. Your Wharton Account

In addition to your PennKey account, you also have a Wharton account, for access to several additional online resources.  Your PennKey and Wharton username will be the same but, because they are separate accounts, your passwords may be different. Each account gives you access to different resources (see Understanding your Penn Accounts). For security reasons, we strongly urge you to change account passwords several times a year.


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