SPIKE Calendar Events: Submitting an Event



In order to submit events to the Wharton calendar, you must log in with your Wharton account.  If you do not have an account, contact the following offices:


Adding Events

You can add an event by going to the Calendar tab and then selecting "Submit New Wharton Event" on the left side. Fill in the fields on the form.

When you are finished, choose one of the following:


(To add the event to the SPIKE calendar) 


(To add the event to the SPIKE calendar AND reserve a room) 

All events submitted that are not marked private will be published immediately. Please be careful about submitting and removing events from the calendar.  Anyone who abuses the events calendar will have their permissions revoked.


Marking Events Private 

An event that should not be published to the general public should be marked Private. Only calendar administrators and the person who submitted the event are able to see private events.

Reserving Space for your Event

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