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Parallels for Mac


Parallels is virtualization software that allows users to run Windows on their Mac computers. Installing Parallels allows you to run Windows specific programs (Microsoft Office, etc) on your Mac.

Note: Wharton Computing offers students a Windows environment via our Virtual Lab service. The virtual lab provides access to the same applications found on our public computers. Click Here for details about our Virtual Labs service.

Please consult the below chart to decide which option bests suits your needs.



Virtual Lab

Free to use

Install software

Access to Dept. Applications

Offline access


If you would like to continue with the installation of Parallels, please follow the guidelines below.

Requirements for Installation:

  • Valid copy of Parallels for Mac
  • Valid copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8 (64-Bit)
  • At least 4 GBs of  RAM (8 GBs strongly recommended)
  • At least 25 GB of free hard drive space
  • Valid copy of Microsoft Office (optional)

A step-by-step guide for installing Windows through Parallels can be found here.

Once the Parallels installation is complete, you can install Microsoft Office or other pc-centric software. You may also wish to configure (“Whartonize”) your Windows installation. Click here for “Whartonization” instructions.

*Parallels automatically installs the required drivers and provides a pre-licensed Anti-virus program. Internet access is shared through your Mac, so you will not need to reconfigure your computer for AirPennNet.

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