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SPIKE Calendar: Exploring Options


The SPIKE Calendar has four separate calendars.  You can turn them on or off, depending on whether you are logged in.

Name of Calendar


Wharton Events Calendar available to everyone
 Personal Calendar  Log in first
 Course Schedule  Log in first
 GSR Calendar  Log in first


You may choose any combination of calendars or individual calendars to display.

Events Calendar -- Filter by Tag

There are many Wharton events...sometimes too many to view at once on a daily, weekly, or monthly view. If you are viewing the Wharton events calendar you will see an expandable list of tags that you very easily select from and filter the wharton events that you are seeing to only events that are tagged with your selection. Some tags, when clicked on, expand to reveal a more specific set of tags.

Changing the view

You may select from three different views (day, week, month) and two formats (calendar, list).

Changing the date

You can easily change the date by clicking the arrows either to the right or left of the current date you are viewing. You may also click on the calendar icon to select a specific date to view.


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