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Managing your Calendar: Deleting Multiple Calendar Entries


Subscribed Calendars

If you have subscribed to calendar feeds (such as your Courses or SPIKE Events) on multiple devices, it's possible for you to wind up with duplicate entries in one or more of your calendars.  We recommend subscribing to calendars from your laptop if you ever need to use your calendar there; that way, the entries flow to your device and you don't need to subscribe a second time.

To remove duplicates from your mobile device:

  1. In Settings => Calendar, find the calendar with duplicate entries
  2. Unsubscribe from the calendar.

Downloaded Calendars (using Export features)

If you did a one-time download of your calendar, you may need to delete many calendar entries at one time (e.g. if you drop a class after downloading your class schedule). In this case we recommend using Outlook (if you haven't set it up yet, see our section on Outlook):

  1. In the Outlook Calendar, select View -> Arrange By -> Categories.
  2. There should then be a column for "Created." If there isn't, right-click on the header bar, select Field Chooser, and add Created.
  3. Click on Created to sort by when the event was created. This should group all the events added through the export together to make it easier to delete (rather than having to browse through the calendar day by day to find them).


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