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Troubleshooting Accounts for New Students


If you are a new Wharton student and are having trouble creating or using your Wharton account, please review the following troubleshooting steps.  Before you start, please make sure you understand that you will need to have two accounts, a University “PennKey” account and a Wharton Account. (Confused about the difference between accounts?  See Understanding Your PennKey vs. Your Wharton Account .)

  1. Confirm that you have created a PennKey
    Create a PennKey (Requires a Setup Code emailed to you by Penn)
    Test your PennKey
  2. Try creating your Wharton account
    Create your Wharton Account
  3. Reset your Password
  4. Try clearing your Browser's cache:  Unable to create a Wharton account using the Early Account Creator program.

If you continue to have trouble, please contact the Student Computing Team.

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