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Canvas accounts, locations, missing sites, login problems


Canvas Location

Wharton Canvas is now part of Penn Canvas, and no longer requires a Wharton Account.  Please use https://canvas.upenn.edu and log in with your PennKey.

Informal Auditors

If you are "unofficially auditing" a course, or if you are thinking about adding a course but are not yet enrolled, you will need instructor permission to access the Canvas site.  If you have an email from the instructor related to your permission to attend the course, please feel free to forward that to the Courseware Team.

Missing Canvas site?

  • There is a slight delay between registration and access to a Canvas site.
  • Sometimes sites have not yet been published by the instructor.  To check for unpublished sites, check your full Courses list.
  • Although many instructors at Wharton use Canvas, some do not.  It's also possible that your instructor has not had the site created yet.  If your instructor has told you that there is an active Canvas site that you should be using, then let us know if you still are not seeing it.

Login problems?

  • Please refer to the PennKey site if you're having trouble with your PennKey login.
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