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Video Recording


Public Computers (GSRs, Labs and Workstations)

Video recording is available from most Wharton public computers.  To initiate a recording from a public workstation in a lab, Group Study Room, or workstation, look for the Logitech option and click it. Follow the prompts to launch and stop the recording

Classroom Recordings

Self-Service Recording

You can initiate a recording from the touch panel in the classroom yourself and then contact the Public Technology team to have it posted to SPIKE or get a copy of the file.

Request Recording in Advance

You can request a recording in advance via the technology request form: https://webapps.wharton.upenn.edu/inside/publictech/index.cfm?action=security.loginForm&fw1pk=2.  Students cannot make requests for academic classes, those must come from the faculty or their support staff.  Students who want a class recorded need to discuss the circumstances of that with their instructor who will take it from there.  

Viewing Access

All class recordings are made available from their Canvas folder.  Event recordings are available from SPIKE, and are accessible within 48 hours following the event.   Class videos are kept online until the end of the semester, however this can be managed by the instructor in Canvas.  An additional charge may apply for copies of the video.  For more information, please email class-tech@wharton.upenn.edu.

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