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Graduation Technology To-Do List: Account Closing Dates

Account Closing Dates

Guidelines for Account Closing Dates

Keep in mind that your access to Wharton and Penn Online Services ends shortly after you graduate. Some services will end sooner than others. General guidelines are below. Choose your Graduation Month for specific dates:

May 2017   |  August 2017  |  December 2017

May 2018   |  August 2018   |  December 2018

Please make sure to save any data you want to keep before these dates!

  Access ends within 1 month following graduation for:

  • Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)
  • University of Pennsylvania-Licensed Software Services.
    • Library database access -- Please see the Penn Libraries Alumni Services guide for information about resources available to alumni. 
    • Virtual Meeting (BlueJeans) Video Conferencing
    • Study.Net (access ends 90 days after course ends)
  • Wharton's Virtual Lab
  • Penn O365 (60-day grace period extends this to 3 months following graduation)

Access ends 1 year following graduation for:

  • Wharton E-Mail Account
  • Use of username@wharton.upenn.edu (mail to this address will bounce)
  • Campus Groups
  • Access to public computers
  • MyWhartonDrive Y: (see information below)
  • LastPass Premium (password manager) will downgrade to the free version once your Wharton E-mail account closes

Canvas Access Information

Note:  MyWhartonDrive (Y:) will be decommissioned at a date to be determined. Check this site for further updates.  Please make sure to save any data you want to keep as soon as possible.



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