Back Up Wharton Email via MacMail for OSX


Back Up

To create a local "snap-shot" of your Wharton Emails in the MacMail application follow these steps:


1. Quit the Mac Mail application

2. In Finder select Go -> Go to folder…

3. type in ~/Library


4. Control-Click on Mail and select “Compress ‘Mail’


5. This will create which you can save to a backup Device.  **Please note that will be saved automatically in the Library Folder, and you can move it to an external device from there.**




To Import a Mac Mail Backup to view files after Graduation, follow these steps:

1. Find your Backup File.

2. Control-Click on and select “Open”

3. This will Create a Mail Folder next to


4. Open the MacMail Application

5. Go to File -> Import Mailboxes…

6. Select Apple Mail and hit Continue

7. A finder Window will open and you will select the “Mail” folder created earlier and select “Choose.”

8. A list will populate of all items to import and click Continue.

9. Once imported you can find the imported mailboxes in the folder named “Import” in the mailboxes list and select Done.

10. A Local copy of your Mail has been imported!


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