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Understanding Your Penn Accounts


Depending on which kind of student you are, you may have several accounts and email addresses. In most cases these are separate accounts, and your passwords may be different. Each account gives you access to different resources (see table below). For security reasons, we strongly urge you to change both account passwords several times a year.

Account Access
  • PennInTouch (transcripts, tuition bill)
  • Campus Express (PennCash, PennCard)
  • AirPennNet wireless network
  • Library databases and resources
  • Public computers, workstations and group study rooms
  • Course materials (Canvas/Study.Net)
  • Printing on campus
  • Spike
  • Virtual Meetings
    (Hosted by Blue Jeans)

School Email account and address (School resources)


  • School email & calendar
  • School-only Resources

University email address (not an email account - forwards to your school account)


  • Allows login to shared University Resources, including:
  • Box
  • Office 365


Questions about your Accounts? Contact the Wharton Student Computing Team.

Question about your Alumni Forwarding Address? See our Overview.


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