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Graduation Technology To-Do List: Managing Files

Managing Files

Save Files You Want to Keep

Identify and save copies of any files from Penn course sites or Wharton accounts which you want to keep for future reference.

  1. Canvas: Download files you want to keep from your Canvas course sites before you lose access. Find your old Canvas sites and download files in a zip format.
    You can select all the files in a course at once by clicking the topmost file and then Shift+left clicking the bottom-most file. At the top, you will see a cloud icon with an arrow appear with the number of files you have selected, allowing you to download all the files.                                                                                                                                      

    Canvas Course Materials
  2. Study.Net:  Usually you will have 90 days following the end of your course to retrieve material from Study.Net, unless there are specific restrictions on your course materials.  For complete information on retrieving your Study.Net materials, see Course Materials: Study.Net
  3. MyWhartonDrive (Y:): If you used your MyWhartonDrive (Y:) on the Wharton public computers, make copies of any files you want to keep. (See Remote Access for MyWhartonDrive (Y:))                                                                                                   
  4. Google Takeout: Your Google Drive documents can be saved using the Google Takeout service. See Backing Up Google@Wharton Account. You can also transfer your files from your Wharton Google Drive to a personal Google Drive or other storage location.                                                                                                                   Screen_Shot_2018-01-19_at_9.47.15_AM.png
  5. Upenn.box.com: Select all of the folders in Box that you want and click the down-arrow-icon to download a zip file.                                                                                                                                           Penn Box
  6. Save any files you may have on One Drive.                                                                                                            






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