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Office 365 University (Faculty and Staff)


PennO365 (also known as Office 365) for faculty and staff provides a unified email and calendaring system for participating Schools and Centers, and will promote collaboration between you and your peers across the University.

See the Moving to PennO365 website for more information about the service in general.

Wondering about which account credentials to use?  See our Account Overview.

Email and Calendaring

Most Wharton faculty and staff email and calendar accounts have moved to PennO365, and the remainder will move later this Spring.  You'll receive emails about the details of the process in the weeks leading up to the move; if you have questions during any part of the process, please contact your LSP.

Pre-Move Checklist: Before your account moves, take care of these tasks to ensure a smooth transition.

Configuring PennO365

Once your account has moved, you'll need to reconfigure your email and calendaring clients on all your devices. If you want to do it yourself, follow the directions below. If you run into any trouble or would prefer to work with your LSP, contact them directly.

Desktop/Laptop Directions

You'll need to configure your email and calendar on all your devices including smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

Windows Directions

We suggest first trying the Config365 utility to reconfigure your Windows desktop or laptop for email and calendaring. It automates all of the configuration steps (creating a new profile, setting up that profile) and makes it as easy as clicking a few buttons. However, it can sometimes fail, and then you'll need to skip to the manual instructions below.

Using the Config365 Utility to configure Outlook

  1. You'll need your PennO365 password, which you should have already set. Keep in mind this account is different than your Wharton account. If you aren't sure what your PennO365 password is you can reset/set it by visiting this page and logging in with your PennKey: https://office365.password.isc.upenn.edu
  2. Close Outlook on the desktop/laptop you're configuring. This process will not work if Outlook is running.
  3. Locate the MessageOps Config365.exe
    • This might be on your desktop already
    • If it isn't on your desktop download it here.
  4. Once you've located it, doubleclick Config365.exe and you'll see this window:
    • Enter your Email Address as your pennkey@upenn.edu.  For example:
    • Enter your Penn365 Password
    • Uncheck all the boxes
  5. Click Configure
  6. The program will identify you, and tell you that Configuration is Successful.
  7. Click the Start Outlook button to launch Outlook and complete the configuration.

    Warning: Opening Outlook by another method will not finalize the setup process

  8. If you are prompted when Outlook starts, select the Wharton address profile: benfranklin@wharton.upenn.edu

Utility Not an Option? Try configuring Windows manually.

If you decide not to use the utility, or it doesn't work for you, there are complete directions on configuring your laptop/desktop on Penn's Moving to O365 website. Please try them and contact your LSP with questions.

Mac Directions

There isn't a utility available to configure your Mac client automatically. However, Penn's Moving to O365 website has manual configuration instructions for several Mac clients, including Outlook and Thunderbird:

Apple Mail Configuration Directions:

MAC: Apple Mail Configuration

Important: After configuring Apple Mail, be sure to change the Trash setting to never permanently erase messages. Otherwise, you won't be able to restore deleted messages. Directions for changing the setting are listed on Penn's Moving to O365 website.

  1. Launch Mail and select Preferences
  2. Choose the Account tab, and -> Add Account using the + sign
  3. In the Choose a mail account to add click the Exchange radio button and click Continue.

  4. An Exchange dialog box will appear. Fill in the following fields:

    1. Name: How you want your name to appear when others receive your email
    2. Email Address: Your Wharton address email (e.g. benfranklin1749@wharton.upenn.edu).
    3. Password: Your PennO365 password. This is the password that you established when you activated your PennO365 account at Microsoft’s online portal.
  5. Click Continue/Next. You will receive an error but this is expected. You may or may not see a notification saying “Searching server for email credentials / unable to verify user/password”, followed by your account summary information. Review it and choose Sign In.

  6. You will then be prompted to provide your Account Name, pennkey@upenn.edu , and the server address/internal url, outlook.office365.com. Enter these and click Continue.You may see an error telling you the username is invalid. Click Sign In anyway.

  7. Check off the Mac apps you wish to sync with this account (e.g.: People (Contacts), Calendar (Calendar))

  8. Click Done. You can now use Apple Mail to manage your PennO365 email and calendar.

Mobile Device Configuration

There are complete directions on configuring your mobile device on Penn's Moving to O365 website:

  • Android
  • iOS
    (Once you've added your new profile, we recommend removing the old  one: Settings -> Mail/Contacts/Calendars; choose the old account and Delete.)
  • Windows Phone

Please try them and contact your LSP with questions.

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