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Student Computing Appointments


Appointment Scheduling Essentials

Appointment Policies

  • Problems that may take time must be scheduled before 2 PM. These include:
    • Virus Removal
    • Operating System Restore
    • Hard Drive Failure
    • Data Recovery
  • Corporate computers may be ineligible for service
  • Student Computing is not responsible for loss of data on any device  

Before your appointment

These steps are important to follow before coming to your appointment.  If they are not completed in advance of your appointment you may need to reschedule.

  1. Back up important data prior to stopping in.
  2. Save any open files before leaving your computer (we may need to reboot the machine).
  3. Bring your laptop's charger (we may not have the right one).

Scheduling Your Appointment

Review the policies above to choose an appropriate time before clicking the button below to schedule an appointment.



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