Configuring An Email Account to send from your Wharton Alumni Address


These directions will help you set up a personal email account so that it appears as though you're sending from your Alumni forwarding address, an option that is frequently requested by students and alumni who want to share their Wharton Alumni forwarding address with contacts. There are a number of email platforms that allow this configuration; the three most commonly used by Wharton students and alumni are Google (students only), Yahoo and Microsoft (


Students with an active Wharton account can set their Reply-To address as their Alumni forwarding email address using Wharton's Gmail service; directions are here

Note: Once you have graduated and your Wharton email account has been closed, this option will no longer work because Google requires authentication to an active account.


If you are using Yahoo, you can set your account to use a "Send Only" address, and enter your Alumni address as one of the options.  See Yahoo's directions at


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